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Electronic Information System (Networks) Individual User Access

Dear Families,

Your student has the opportunity to receive access to the Clover Park School District network. Among other advantages, your student will be able to communicate with other students, schools, colleges, organizations and individuals around the world through the Internet and other electronic information systems and networks. The Internet is a system that links smaller computer networks, creating a large and diverse interconnected network. The Internet allows your student, through electronic mail (e-mail) and other means, to share information, learn concepts and research subjects. These are significant learning opportunities to prepare your student for the future.

We have established procedures and rules regulating what students may search for on the network. Please be aware that – despite the district’s effort to filter the Internet for objectionable material – there are unacceptable and controversial materials and communications on the Internet that your student could access. We cannot filter all material posted on network-connected computers all over the world; therefore, we encourage you to consider the potential of your student being exposed to inappropriate material.

With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility. It is important that you and your student read and discuss the following information regarding school district procedures. When your student is given an account and password to use the network, it is extremely important the following guidelines are followed:

Stress to your student the importance of using only his or her account password and of keeping it a secret from other students. Your student should never let anyone else use his/her password to access the network.

Your student is responsible for all activities that happen in his/her account.

Inappropriate use will result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool and other disciplinary action, if appropriate.

Please remember you are legally responsible for your student’s actions. You release Clover Park School District and other intermediary providers, if any, and operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated from all claims and damages of any arising from my (or my student’s) use of various networks.

If you have any questions, please contact your school principal.

Form 2022-F1

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Electronic Information System (Networks) Individual User Access

Opt Out Form – Student

Having reviewed the information on the other side of this page, a parent/guardian may opt out of having his/her student use the information network.

By signing this form, a parent/guardian explicitly denies access to the information network for the student. Otherwise, your student will automatically have access granted upon enrollment. You understand that, should you deny access, your student will receive alternative educational opportunities in lieu of those involving the electronic information system.

Date (print): ___________________________________________

Student Name (print): ___________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (print):___________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature: ______________________________________

School (print): ___________________________________________

This form must be completed each school year.

Former Form Number: 4404-F1

Date: 04.24.12

Revised: 06.05.13