Principal Message

Lake Louise Principal Holly Nielsen

Hello Students, Families, Community, and Guests!

Welcome and thank you for visiting the HOME of the Lake Louise Cougars!

I am so honored to serve as the principal of Lake Louise Elementary! We offer a community full of vibrant, diverse learners and provide rich learning opportunities for all students. We have a belief that our students can and should be prepared as citizens of our Democratic society through civic engagement and participation. Our students are encouraged and given many opportunities to share their voice in their school experience.

Lake Louise Elementary is committed to serving our community of learners. Our work is grounded in relationships with one another, our families, and the students we serve. Our mission is to provide a safe, enriching learning environment where ALL students grow.

Thank you for being a part of this tremendous community of learners.

Academic Resources

Clover Park School District offers many academic resources for your child. You can find information about these resources and more on the Student Page of our district website.

Learning Apps (available for all students)

  • CPSD offers a variety of learning apps to help students learn at their own pace at home. Log into the Clever Portal under the Student Page of the district website to access apps such as Freckle, Zearn and more that can take your student’s learning to the next level.

Hazel Health

Hazel Health provides students with access to free mental health counseling and virtual on-demand doctor visits without having to leave school during the day, with services available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For key information about Hazel Health, what providers can help with, and a walkthrough of a typical visit, watch this series of short videos.


Updates Families of students who receive a positive COVID-19 test result should submit a Positive Student Report Form. Once a report is submitted, recommendations for your student’s return will be received via email from the district COVID-19 Support Specialist.

While isolation is no longer required, refraining from sending ill students to school helps keep our school open by reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

The onsite COVID-19 test administration services provided at the Harry E. Lang stadium are no longer available. Please contact our health staff by calling 253-583-5320 to receive a free at-home testing kit or visit and to have free test kits sent to your home.

Give 6

Give 6 to Lakeview students to make a difference! Teachers, families, and community members are invited to forge six meaningful connections with students each day that can be the catalyst for growth and accomplishment.

You can Give 6 to your student by:

  • Giving them a hug, fist bump or high five.
  • Affirming their strengths.
  • Initiating a conversation and asking how they are doing.
  • Modeling positive behavior and effective communication skills.
  • Explaining that you acknowledge and value their efforts/positive behavior.


Participating in Give 6 is simple. When you interact with someone, let them know how their actions make them a valuable part of their surroundings. Join us in empowering students and showing them their potential to flourish and impact their community.

If you are seeking additional information not found here or if you have suggestions or feedback about our site, please email me!

In Partnership,

Holly Nielsen

Proud Lake Louise Principal