#SuperSchoolShoutout: Lake Louise Cougars!

#SuperSchoolShoutOut: Lake Louise Cougars!
Posted on 10/25/2023

This week, we’re showing our #CPSDPride with a #SuperSchoolShoutOut to Lake Louise Elementary School! 

Lake Louise lies on the south end of the district near Thomas Middle School and Lakes High School. It boasts a diverse student population that exemplify the kind, respectful and caring qualities of a Lake Louise Cougar.

The school is also known for the staff members who nurture this supportive culture. In fact, the tight-knit Cougar community was the first thing Lake Louise’s new principal, Holly Nielsen, heard about the school before joining the team this year.  “This staff is so unified and focused on our school community,” she said. “There is so much school pride that is all centered around making this a great place for students and families.”

Holly and her Lake Louise team are determined to create an inclusive community in which all students, staff and families feel connected in support of providing an environment where each student can thrive academically and socially.

If you stop by, remember to join students and staff in the famous Lake Louise Cougar cheer:

“We are Lake Louise Cougars. We are respectful, responsible and ready to learn. We are kind, caring towards others and work hard every day to reach our goals. I am proud to be a Cougar! Let me see your Cougar paws, let me see your Cougar claws! Go Cougars!” 

Lake Louise

Marilyn loves class with her teacher, Mr. Smolic, and the responsibilities he entrusts his fifth grader with. Each student rotates as a pencil sharpener, whiteboard eraser, door holder, messenger and teacher helper, Marilyn’s favorite. “Mr. Smolic always makes us laugh and gets us excited to come to class, so I like helping him and being a messenger,” she said.

Marilyn is a great help in class, and she is a hard-working student. Currently, math is her favorite subject, and after learning how to subtract decimals, she's ready to master a new skill. After solving math problems, Marilyn enjoys finding clues and solving riddles while she reads mystery novels.

When she’s older, Marilyn hopes to dodge a desk job and join the military for a life of adventure, excitement and service.

Hannah became a Lake Louise Cougar five years ago after tutoring within the district and working for Communities in Schools. She loves showing up to work each day and teaching first grade students who are learning and growing rapidly.

“First grade is when they come to you with these limited skills, and by the end of the year, they’re reading full paragraphs and doing full-blown math problems,” she said. “My fellow staff members know me as the reading nerd, which I’m very proud of because teaching reading and learning the science behind it is my favorite thing to do as an educator.”

Hannah went to Idlewild Elementary School and grew up in Lakewood. She’s always wanted to work in her community and is proud to be a part of the Lake Louise team. “I love our staff and feel so supported here and am happy to teach kids that I have such a connection to from my time as a student,” she said.

Go Cougars!

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